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Why Should I Do a Boudoir Session?

Why Should You Do a Boudoir Session?


jupiter boudoir photography
And embracing your appearance in this fresh and flattering way exudes confidence. Whether you’re being photographed for your fiancé, for your husband, or for yourself, you will look and feel elegant and alluring. Revealing your sensual side should be dreamy and feminine, never awkward or uncomfortable, and I want to thank you for trusting Rhea Lewis Photography to artistically capture your inner and outer beauty through this empowering journey tailored uniquely to you. Boudoir sessions have become popular because more and more women have decided that there is no reason they shouldn’t be pictured in the romantic and airy images so prevalent in magazines, film, and advertising today. Very few of us are lingerie models or movie stars, but we all deserve a moment in the spotlight, if it’s to share with the person we love, or just to remind ourselves that we can shine, no matter our age or body type. So buy yourself something pretty, be pampered, be glowing, be glamorous. Stop the clock, enjoy, and make this an experience that’s all about celebrating you. You will be enchanting. You will shine. You will charm. You will be radiant.
Don’t spend a lot of time fretting about imperfections or that pesky five pounds none of us can ever seem to shake. Focus on your favorite qualities and play to your strengths.

  • Live in the present. Don’t regret not doing this 10 pounds ago or 5 years ago. You’re beautiful now and always.
  • Feel like a star. How often is the focus completely on only you?
  • It’s all about attitude. If you feel sexy and confident, you’ll look sexy and confident!

Above all, have a good time! Play. Flirt. Be candid. Be yourself.

Here are some more reasons should you get this type of portraiture done:

jupiter boudoir photography
Women to Women Portraiture is for women of all ages. Photographed by women for women. I believe at every stage of life, we women change and become more beautiful. When we’re young, our beauty is evident and radiant in an obvious way. We embrace our youthful glow and it feels great. As we get older, and our lives begin to change, and we experience life, our beauty starts it’s journey more inward. Wisdom, courage, strength, and confidence comprise our inner beauty as women over the years. For those who love us, these are what make us beautiful and sexy.

Many of us have struggled with weight, wrinkles, and the undeniable gravity pull of our perky self. We compare ourselves to the lingere models and feel we have “lost” our beauty. While our beauty may not be as obvious as it was in our youthful days, we are indeed still beautiful in such a more meaningful way. So how can we feel this way again..feel the youthful glow? While we can’t turn back the clock for you, what we can do at Women to Women Fine Art Glamour/Boudoir Portraiture is help you to tap into that inner beauty. Having photographed many women of differing ages and sizes, what is the most common factor is that inner shine and radiance. No matter what your age or size, all women share this. As we age, we loose touch with it, especially with the demands of life and motherhood. When we can rediscover it together, it is such an empowering feeling. We connect on a different level that only another women can understand. While we feel these portraits may be for our loved ones, the experience, the reconnection with your inner beauty is powerful and reaffirming. This is why I love to do these sessions. Feeling beautiful and confident is powerful. It is my way of helping other women and something very special. I feel very blessed that I have the ability and power to transform women into their essence of beauty. What a great gift for yourself and a true treasure for your loved ones.

jupiter boudoir photography