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What to Wear Palm Beach Boudoir Photography

What to Wear to a Boudoir Shoot

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Clothing, partial clothing, and implied nudity can all be sexy so plan your clothing items around what your comfort level is. Bring tried and true items you already have and feel beautiful while wearing. If you plan on shopping, make sure you’ve tried the clothing on, moved around, and love it. You will look the sexiest when you feel confident and good inside. Keep in mind, this is ultimately about what you want, what you like, and what you want to see yourself in. Your clothing should reflect your taste and personal style which we will in turn match with our studio set and backgrounds.

Bra and Panties. Most importantly, bring a varied selection of bra and panty sets. Start with basic black and then add white, colors and patterns. Bras and panties can be photographed alone or paired with other clothing items or accessories.

Lingerie. A baby doll nightie, vintage slip, teddy and/or camisole always photograph well. Corsets or bustiers with thigh high stockings, a garter belt, and heels are super sexy too. We have built our studio to work with all colors as well as various patterns and fabrics. Start simple and grow more extreme from there. Think about what colors look good on you. Maybe even ask your fiance/husband/boyfriend what outfits he likes or what colors he prefers on you — in an unsuspicious way of course! Casual Attire Everyday clothing such as lacy or sheer tops, lose knit sweaters, cut-off jeans, shorts, sportswear, and pajamas can look cute and sexy if photographed properly. A simple white tank top or cami is a must have!

Glamour. If you want that magazine style glamour look, then definitely go for an evening gown with some glitz or go for something flowy and romantic. Remember solid colors work best and stick with a palette that compliments your skin tone and hair color.

Something Of His. If this is a gift for your fiance/husband/boyfriend, then bring something from his wardrobe. This can be one of his favorite ties, a button down shirt, a sports jersey, recreational gear, or his uniform. Anything that makes the images more personal and sexy to him! It also adds variety to your collection of outfits and will look great in the final book. Accessories. You can easily modify the look of your outfit by changing your accessories. Accessories include jewelry, scarves, hats, stilettos, boots, gloves, fishnets, stockings, garter belts, etc.

10 Bonus Clothing Tips

  1. Focus on quality over quantity. Fewer outfits means less time in the dressing room and more time shooting. Only bring the stuff that really makes you look amazing.
  2. Bring your clothing and lingerie on hangers with a garment bag over the top. Don’t stuff it in a duffel! This will reduce wrinkles and fold lines. We do have a steamer on hand if wrinkles do occur.
  3. Clean the bottoms of your shoes (and feet) just in case they appear in a photo.
  4. Cut tags and make sure security devices have been removed from new purchases. We have scissors on hand if you forget.
  5. Make sure you have the right bra size! As Oprah says, we’re all wearing the wrong bra size and there’s some truth to that. Ask to be fitted for your bras before buying them. You’ll be amazed at the difference.
  6. Avoid getting too much sun that will result in tan lines (which are hard to touchup). If tan lines are unavoidable, bring clothing that will cover them. If you feel you need a spray tan do cover your tan lines, do a practice run long before your session and then if you’re satisfied with how it looks, do it again it several days beforehand so that it has a chance to fade.
  7. Make sure your mani-pedi is fresh and compliments your clothing colors and styles. French tips, golds, and neutral colors look really nice. Avoid bold colors as it will become of the focus of the photo.
  8. Opt for lacy, sexy bras over full coverage t-shirt bras.
  9. Finally, come to the session in loose fitting clothes without bras, socks, or panties to prevent dents or lines on your body.

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Palm Beach Shopping:

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  • The Mall at Wellington 10320 W. Forest Hill Blvd, Wellington, FL
  • Eurotique Corsets 814 Northlake Blvd, Norht Palm Beach FL www.eurotique.com
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  • Eres Limited 303 Worth Ave, Palm Beach FL http://www.eresparis.com
  • Victoria’s Secret (Garden’s Mall) 3111 PGA Boulevard, Palm beach Gardens, FL www.victoriassecret.com
  • Ruth Bra Treasures & Lingere 2119 S. US Hwy 1, Jupiter FL www.ruthlingere.us
  • Naughty But Nice, Too 3111 45th Street, West Palm beach, FL 33407 www.naughtybutnicetoo.com
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