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What is Rhea’s boudoir photography style?

My boudoir work is artistic, fresh, sensual and tasteful and completely inspired by you! Getting to know you through a pre-consultation and discussing what you want allows me to bring your vision to life. Some women gravitate towards my fine art black & white boudoir images, while others are drawn towards my contemporary sensual boudoir images. I will work to create the images you want! You can choose to either stick to a particular look throughout the session or I can create a mix of all of them — it’s up to you!

Below are links to the photo galleries of each look I can create in the studio. Click to view each style!

BREATHTAKING: Beautiful and soft images created with natural window light.

BRIDAL: Tasteful, timeless and elegant images that are a gift not only to your groom or bride, but are a gift to yourself as well!

SENSUAL: Sexy, bold boudoir images created with dramatic studio light.

BLACK & WHITE: Black and white images with strong shadows to create a fine art feel.

PLAYFUL: Fun images created with natural window light and lots of laughter.

FASHION: Boudoir images inspired by fashion photography.



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