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    Rhea’s luxury women's portrait work has won her elite clientele including pro-athletes, politicians, business professionals and busy moms in the Palm Beach and Martin and St. Lucie County areas and beyond. Her clients often travel long distances to procure her photography services knowing they will receive a luxurious experience and the very best quality boudoir imagery available anywhere in the country. Rhea and her team will immediately put you at ease and make you feel beautiful, they have the skills to hide little imperfections and bring out the gorgeous in every woman. Her studio invites you to come and experience bridal boudoir, lingerie, glamour, pinup, sexy fine art implied nudes and curvy girls. Sexy couples boudoir is also available. Why not go for the supermodel experience you have always wanted, live life to the fullest and tap into you inner and outer beauty? Rhea has that special way of connecting with women on so many levels that while you may be nervous at first, she will instantly put you at ease and you will leave your session feeling like you have made a new life long friend. The best way to showcase your sexy boudoir portraits is with Rhea’s gorgeous custom designed albums and fine art wall portraits that you can keep for yourself or give as a gift for an anniversary, Valentines day, his birthday or a groom’s gift on your wedding day. If you are looking for the very best in tasteful, elegant, classy and sensual images taken by a woman who really cares and knows how to make you look your best, Rhea Lewis Photography welcomes you to come see her.

    To view more of her work please see her Children & Family Photography website at www.rhealewisphotography.com.

So you’ve taken the plunge and had a fabulous experience with Rhea Lewis Photography in capturing bridal boudoir photos of this special moment in your life. The next question becomes: where do you display these pieces of art? You and your new husband love them… so where to display them that it’s appropriate?

Here’s some ideas on where to display your bridal boudoir photographic art:

  • Your private his & her master bathroom. If you have a bathroom in your home that only you and your husband use.. why not have a few metal prints (to protect from bathroom humidity) developed and hang them with the other artwork and decorations in your bathroom? Consider a wall of framed art of all different sizes with boudoir prints added to the mix alongside landscapes, art shots, whatever you feel looks great.
  • Your boudoir, of course! Do you have a walk-in closet? Do you have a place in your home where you get ready for the day? What better way to make you feel fabulous than to see how beautiful you really are each day as you get ready. A photo book sitting on your vanity or even a canvas above your vanity would be beautiful.
  • Your bedroom. During the boudoir photo shoot, we usually focus on specific parts of your body. We can zoom the photographic print to show areas just under the breast or just above the butt or even just a sexy shoulder shot! These can be hung as metal prints or canvases in your bedroom. A subtle yet sexy addition you and your husband will enjoy seeing. And sexy photos in daily view should help keep the spark alive!
  • Your office desk. Do you have a dedicated office space in your home? A printed little black book of boudoir photos is a perfect addition to your home office and is subtle enough that you or your husband can open it up and enjoy whenever you want.

Where do you display your boudoir photos? We would love to hear your ideas in the comments. Regardless of where you decide to display your bridal boudoir photos, we encourage you to make the effort to get them developed in some way so you can enjoy them. We have many options of photo display that we can work with you to decide which type of display will work best, no matter where you choose in your home.